Atlanta Braves: the last team to exploit the Phillies like the Mets just did

Mike Stanton #30 of the Atlanta Braves pitches, circa 1991, at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
Mike Stanton #30 of the Atlanta Braves pitches, circa 1991, at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /
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Atlanta Braves
24 Oct 1995: Mike Mordecai of the Atlanta Braves tags out Manny Ramirez #24 of the Cleveland Indians during the World Series. /

Free Baseball?

All of the prior maneuverings left both benches with personnel shortages, and that became apparent as the game continued.

David West had to continue for the Phillies, throwing one more inning. Greg McMichael threw both the 10th and 11th for the Braves. McMichael gave up only a single, striking out 2 and getting a lot of groundouts with his stint.

It wasn’t until the bottom of the 11th that the Braves manufactured another scoring chance. After a walk (Mordecai), sacrifice (Pecota), an intentional walk (Sanders) and a strikeout (Gallagher), Bobby Cox gave Tom Glavine a chance to win the game… alas Mike Williams struck him out, too.

But Williams had to stick around a while on the mound. His new counterpart became Mike Stanton… the Braves’ 7th pitcher on the night.

Stanton gave up a single and walk with 1 out in the 12th, but then induced a foul popout and a flyout to left to hold the Phils at bay.

The Braves continued to chip away at Mike Williams from the 12th to 14th innings, but to no great harm as things like double plays (2) and a caught stealing allowed him to escape each time.

So now we’re all the way to the 15th inning and the 4th hour of this game that — by all rights — should have ended roughly 90 minutes prior.

The Phillies, for their part, were probably just happy to still be in the contest at this point, so they mounted one last assault to try and salvage the game.

With Stanton starting his 4th innings, they alternate outs with runners: a bunt comebacker for an out, a single, a strikeout, and a walk.

But with 2 on and 2 out, the visitors could not get the “big hit” either, as PH Kim Batiste flew out to left field to end their half of the 15th.

Then it was the Braves’ turn as the game clock rolled close to 4-1/2 hours. Andy Carter is now pitching for the Phillies. This frame started innocently, with two flyouts to center field.

Then Deion Sanders dumped a liner down the third base line for a hustle double… but of course he did. At this point, though, the Braves bench is completely empty of position players, so the Phillies did the logical thing and walked Gallagher so that they could face… Mike Stanton.

In Stanton’s entire career — 19 seasons from 1989-2007 with the Braves, Yankees, Mets, Nats, Giants, and Reds — he managed 26 plate appearances. Total. But he was also not completely inept, having garnered 8 hits and a lifetime .333 average with a walk and a sacrifice thrown in. He also managed to drive in 3 runs overall.

Tonight… he filled in more than one of those columns.