Luke Jackson Representing Atlanta Braves in MLB The Show Players League

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 09: Luke Jackson
WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 09: Luke Jackson /

In order to help fill the void without real baseball, MLB has put together a player’s league in MLB The Show and Luke Jackson will represent the Atlanta Braves.

It might still be a while before the Atlanta Braves actually take the field in real life, but you will have a chance to see them in virtual form during the player’s league that MLB and the MLBPA has put together.

You can read the more about the competition here, but I’ll hit the highlights.

Basically, each team will be represented by a player from their team (obviously) and will play one three-inning game against every team. That will start today (Friday, April 9) and will run through Wednesday, April 29 with the postseason beginning on April 30.

The top eight teams will advance to the postseason.

MLB, the MLBPA, and Sony are donating $5,000 to each players’ local Boys & Girls Club affiliate and an additional $25,000 to the champions local Boys & Girls Club.

Here is a link for the standings and schedule. That also will include a link to where you can watch the games, but it doesn’t give you a time for each.

And I don’t see Luke Jackson on the schedule for Friday or Saturday, so I’m not entirely sure when he’ll be playing his games at this time but we’ll be sure to keep you update.

It sounds like MLB is all-in on this and wants to make it as interactive and engaging as possible with Robert Flores and Heidi Watney providing commentary on the games.

As someone who watches MLB Central just about every morning during the regular season I know how much Flores loves MLB The Show, so I’m excited to see him commentating on these games.

I honestly haven’t watched much TV since the shutdown and have been grinding on MLB The Show myself, so I think this could certainly provide some much-needed entertainment.

Plus, Luke Jackson is a great follow on social media, so I’m sure he’s going to make this a lot of fun.

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Basketball has been doing something similar and I’ve seen some people on Twitter who are enjoying that. Hopefully baseball can do it even better and this can help fill the gap until real baseball returns.