Atlanta Braves Morning Chop: Shoulders, Stadiums, Mudcats

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Braves stadium spending at $131 million


The Braves have spent about $131 million on their new stadium in Cobb County, according to owner Liberty Media’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Of that amount, $110 million was borrowed by the Braves, the filing stated. The Braves intend to take on much more debt for the project.

The company’s report puts the cost of the stadium at $672 million. The privately funded mixed-use development — which includes partnernships with Omni Hotels and Comcast — is pegged in Liberty’s filing to cost the Braves and partners more than $450 million.

[Ed. note:  we had previously reported in these pages that the Braves have secured a $500 million line of credit in order to finance that stadium project – ‘front-loading’ the dollars to get the project moving and keep it on schedule while they await a bond issue from Cobb County for the remaining portion of the construction costs. Those bonds are expected to be issued later this year.  ]