Reported by the AJC, Martin Prado has a fractur..."/> Reported by the AJC, Martin Prado has a fractur..."/>

Prado Has Fractured Pinky; DL Decision in Couple Days


Reported by the AJC, Martin Prado has a fractured pinky and the guess is 7-10 days. Bobby will let Prado sit a couple days before making the decision on whether to place him on the disabled list.

I would have no problem letting him rest on the bench and keeping him off the disabled list as long as Alex Gonzalez comes back healthy in the next day or two, of course assuming Prado would be able to return within a week or so. Omar Infante has proven worthy of filling a starting role for a couple weeks without the Braves missing a beat. However, if Prado doesn’t respond well after a couple days, it will force the Braves to DL him and call up Joe Thurston or Diory Hernandez.

In any case, the rest of the weekend will be a tight one with the roster. Gonzalez is scheduled to start today but isn’t a sure bet until he takes BP and gives the green light. If he can’t go, that leaves them with Infante and Brooks Conrad as the middle infield with no backup plan. Gonzalez may have to tough it out today.

Obviously, being a short DL stint as worst case scenario, it’s not serious enough for the Braves to make a desperation move at the deadline to replace Prado. They are still sitting quiet as far as an outfielder goes, with no mention of any possibilities whatsoever.