Atlanta Braves even up series against Florida Marlins


It’s hard to believe that if the seasons ends with the Atlanta Braves in the playoffs, Yunel Escobar has the opportunity to be MVP. Without his incredible slugging percentage, the Braves could just be out of this race.

But they are right in the thick of it.

The Braves beat the Marlins 4 to 3 today. The rubber game is tomorrow.

Unfortunately, winning two and losing one isn’t going to get the Braves anywhere fast. Even the Nationals had a 10-game winning streak. But such a streak has eluded the Braves for far too long.  The Braves can win five or six in a row, but usually it is only enough to move up two games.

Although it looks scary on paper, it might be to the Braves’ advantage to play teams in their division for most of the games left on the schedule.