Atlanta Braves Can’t Lose To The Padres And Make The Playoffs


If it is not crunch time now it is quickly approaching for the Atlanta Braves. Last night’s loss to the woeful San Diego Padres hopefully was just a bad day for Cox’s kids, but I am not so sure the losing streak is over.

The Braves have seemed to struggle against some of the worst teams in baseball, including the Washington Nationals, who always seem to clean the Braves’ clock.

The Braves are tied for 6th with the Houston Astros and Milwaukee Brewers for the wildcard spot. They are all 5.5 games out, with Colorado leading the pack.

In the final two months of baseball the Braves have four series with the Florida Marlins and three with the Philadelphia Phillies. They also face those pesky Nationals three more series as well as the New York Mets.

However, the Braves have no games left against the Colorado Rockies or the San Fransisco Giants, which means they have less control over their own destiny if those two teams keep pace. Going 4-6 over the past 10 games isn’t going to cut it.

As I said before, the Braves need to have at least a 6-game winning steak to become competitive for that last slot. There’s not much time left.