Atlanta Braves Bullpen Faltering. Solutions? Kohn/Cornely promoted

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When Jim rebounds, what do the Atlanta Braves do to the rest of their bullpen?

It’s blatantly obvious that Fredi’s bullpen is held together by Elmer’s glue, duct tape, and congealed high fructose corn syrup, and that likely won’t change without a significant change to the 7 that’s occupying the spots. There are pitchers pitching in roles unfamiliar to their background due to ineffectiveness from others and the cheating from the former Cubs pitchers acquired. There are also pitchers on the roster that are repetitive and, in a perfect ‘pen, would only be occupying 1 spot instead of multiple.  It is my opinion that the Braves could make 1 move to shore up an imperfect crew of pitchers and it could make a world of difference in the results…but it isn’t an ideal solution.

Let’s take a look, shall we?